Wednesday, July 04, 2007

"I am the Hunter!"

This pic of Wraith (she's definitely Wraith, today, not Dusty) (click on any of these images to see full-size) is for E-lizabeth in lieu of a response from me to her recent meme tagging...

Yeah, I draw the line at Me-Me-Me-Me-Memes. (E. gave me an 'out' by not officially advising me! Thanks!)

The pic after the jump (Dusty persona, this time, not Wraith) is for Kerryn and her fridge cats. (It's also, belatedly, for Laura, who has spun many a wondrous yarn about her moggie's Bazcination [shall we say] with water. My favourite is here.)

"I'm considering auditioning for a part in the next Batman movie, actually."

Still life with lemon and Brazilian stove-top percolator...

Dusty's fascination with water -- and her clumsiness in and around sinks, tubs and -- regrettably -- toilet bowls leads me to believe she might have been a dog (or a human male) in one of her recent lives.

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Blogger Lauren Barnes said...

what svelte and lovely cat!
I am thinking of becoming a born again catolic, just to re-affirm my beliefs and what not.

5:45 PM  
Blogger Chris Boyd said...

You might be ready for your confirmation, then! (I mean, we all "take orders" -- holy and unholy -- from our moggies, no?) :)

6:57 AM  

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