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Relic: The Go-Betweens at the Crystal/Seaview Ballroom, Friday May 14, 1982

Like the Boys Next Door resurrecting Shivers before they lifted anchor, The Go-Betweens gave us Karen in their farewell gig, something of a rarity even then. (Not sure if this was their last gig in Australia, but it was certainly the last in Melbourne for a good while.) But the real highlight in an unusually hot gig was I Need Two Heads. 

A bit of a spin-out to realise this was thirty fricken years ago. 

It was also the day I got my hands on the expanded 12-track Rough Trade release of Send Me A Lullaby. Only now do I realise that I've bought that set three times... the Missing Link "mini album", the UK full set and, finally, on CD, to get the bonus disc. And, at last, to be able to listen to Two Heads without having to set the belt-drive to 45rpm. 

 You needed to know that.

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Blogger Chris Boyd said...

On the flip side are a few scribbled verses from an early version of 'Near the Chimney':

she wears her red dress tight
it's over her head
the sun lies down in the sheets on the bed

so this is what it's come to
dressing like spies
he can't live where another man lies

he won't stand he's not a second-hand clown
he wouldn't listen
love dragged him down

[out of fashion]

6:13 AM  
Blogger Anne-Marie said...

Did I really just run my fingers over a scanned hand-written set list? Yes I did.

My first G-B gig was 1986, in Adelaide at The Tivolli. Tallulah was released, Amanda was being introduced to Aus and they were back from the UK. I was besotted and went back the next night.

I got a few more shows in before 1990 (living in Sydney helped) and even saw Jack Frost in a tiny club in Perth in 1990.

I also owned 16LL on vinyl, cassette (for travelling) and CD.

Years later, I was back in Adels and left a theatre show at interval (I never do that) to see Grant and Robert in the about-to-reform tour. People sat on chairs, no one was under 30, everyone sang along and I recognised people I hadn't seen since I was a teenager.

Working in radio in Canberra let me interview Grant (my fav interview ever) and so began many more GB gigs, including the last one at The Sydney Festival.

But, I'm still a bit jealous of you being there in 1982!

9:09 AM  
Blogger Chris Boyd said...

According to my 'liary' AM, that May 82 performance was the 8th time I'd seen the band. They were, of course, a three piece back then.

And, yeah, I was also at that Sydney Festival gig, the last by Grant and Rob as the Go-Betweens.

'Danger in the Past' indeed... :D

5:32 PM  
Anonymous Martin said...

Wow. What a set list! Kicking off with "Karen"...yeah yeah!! Pretty sure I was NOT at this gig as there is no entry in the diary that day. I certainly remember their Melb. Uni. gig when Robert came out on stage in a dress!! LOL

11:51 AM  
Anonymous Martin said...

With a bit of judicious "Googling" I discovered the MU gig was on June 26, 1983 and "Karen" finished off the set that night.

11:51 AM  
Blogger Chris Boyd said...

I saw them the night before at the Ballroom, bro. And two nights before that at the Jump Club. And two weeks, give or take, before that at the Ballroom. I rated that gig, the first return gig on June 10, as "their best to date" in Melbourne. But the June 25 concert was better. They played everything from the previous two combined. Three encores. Rob introduced Careless, the second encore, as Dead Joe cos I had screamed for Shivers. (He had a Birthday Party tee-shirt on. That's my excuse.) Third encore was Karen. ["Magnificent" apparently!]

Met Grant that night. Gave him the latest wad of photographs.

Funny, I never really considered myself a G-B's groupie. Not lookin' good tho is it?

2:07 PM  

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