Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Puberty Blues: moles, molls, slags and slackers

mole 1. a spy. Originally US slang of the 1970s. 2. a variant spelling of moll q.v.

moll 1. a promiscuous woman; a prostitute. A very harsh word equivalent to slut. Something egregiously out of place is said to be like a moll at a christening. 2. the girlfriend or mistress of a gangster, crook, bikie, etc.

moll patrol a scathing term for a group of schoolgirls as viewed by a rival group.

mollydooker a left-handed person. Aussie slang since the 1930s. Probably from the British dialect molly 'an effeminate man' and dook 'the hand'.


slack 1. unkind, cruel, unfair or mean. If a big kid bullies a smaller one, then he is being slack. 2. outstandingly lazy. Why don't you ever come and visit, you slack bastard? 3. no good, hopeless, pathetic, dodgy. What a slack haircut. 4. of a woman, promiscuous, of easy virtue. Commonly in the phrase slack moll -- one of the vilest insults that can be directed at a woman.

slack arse an incurably lazy person. Aussie slang since the 1970s. Hence the adjective slack-arsed.


slag 1. to spit. Hence, a gob of phlegm spat out. Aussie slang since the 1960s. 2. a highly derogatory word for a promiscuous or otherwise contemptible woman.

from the estimable Macquarie Dictionary of Australian Slang -- James Lambert, General Editor, 2004.


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